NCTC Expands OlympuSAT Pact


The National Television Cable Cooperative has expanded its transponder deal with OlympuSAT Inc.

The revised agreement adds the “OlympuSAT II transponder,” which contains its “Faith and Families Pack” of services. NCTC members can now carry Daystar Television Network, Golden Eagle Broadcasting, JCTV, The Church Channel, BYU, Three Angels Broadcasting, Gospel Music Television and NuGospel Broadcasting.

Trinity Broadcasting Network, FamilyNet, INSP-The Inspiration Network and i-Lifetv are also located on that transponder, and those networks are available to members as part of previous agreements.

The NCTC originally reached a pact with OlympuSAT in 2002 for the “OlympuSAT I” transponder, which includes its “Hispanic Pack” and “OlympuSAT I Digital” services

“We’ve heard from members that they want more choice in their family-viewing options, and this package gives co-op members an excellent array of networks that meet that need,” NCTC vice president of programming Scott Abbott said in a prepared statement.

“In addition, we’ve seen an increase in the demand for Spanish language programming, and that is the second key component of our new OlympuSAT agreement,” he added.