NCTC Purchases Double, Go Online


Henderson, Nev. -- The National Cable Television Cooperative said purchases made collectively by its members more than doubled in 2006, and it is now prepared to allow the 1,100 independent cable operators it serves to make their purchases online.

NCTC president Jeff Abbas said purchases made through the cooperative reached $274 million in 2006, more than twice the amount bought cooperatively in 2005. And the cooperative -- which coordinates volume purchases for systems with more than 10 million total subscribers -- said it debuted a new online service for member purchasing called

“We are part of your operations” now, Abbas told an audience of approximately 400 NCTC members at an educational workshop here.

The new site will facilitate members’ purchases of hardware, such as set-top boxes, and programming. It will also allow them to manage their membership in the NCTC.

The new site went active Wednesday. The only transactions that can be completed online through the site right now involve hardware from the NCTC’s 40,000-item catalog. Programming transactions will come later this year, NCTC executive vice president Scott Abbott said.

Transactions can be completed around the clock with the new site. “NCTC Online puts you in control,” Abbott added.