NCTC Rings Up Net2Phone


The National Cable Television Cooperative has chosen Net2Phone Inc. as the first "Platinum Vendor" of voice-over-Internet-protocol services to its members.

The NCTC represents more than 1,000 independent cable operators, 6,500 individual systems and more than 14 million subscribers nationwide.

Under terms of the deal, NCTC members will maintain ownership of their telephony subscribers and brand, and they will provide customer service and technical support. Net2Phone will enable provisioning and billing integration; a class-5-capable switching platform; advanced features such as Caller ID; network-management tools; public-switched-telephone-network interconnects; and operator services/directory assistance.

"The NCTC represents a greatly underserved market, and we believe this relationship presents a fantastic opportunity for their members to move forward in offering a voice product,” Net2Phone Cable Telephony president Michael Pastor said in a prepared statement.