nCUBE + BigBand = VOD for Wave


Following its announcement last month that it will use nCUBE Corp.'s "nABLE" interactive management software and video-on-demand server, Wave Broadband said Wednesday that it will add BigBand Networks Inc.’s "VOD Edge" to the mix.

The western Washington-based service provider is already using BigBand’s "BMR (Broadband Multimedia-Service Router)" to provide HDTV.

The deployment integrates the "BME50 (Broadband Multimedia-Service Edge)" with nCUBE’s nABLE software and server. Internet-protocol connections network VOD servers to BME50s at edge locations.

The BME50 assures video quality and performs quadrature-amplitude modulation and RF upconversion for accessibility by any digital set-top box.

Wave provides high-speed data, cable and digital cable to approximately 50,000 customers in western Washington.