nCUBE Wins Ruling in VOD-Patent Suit


nCUBE is claiming victory in the latest legal skirmish with fellow
video-on-demand provider SeaChange International Inc.

In a ruling issued Wednesday, Delaware District Court Judge Joseph Farnan
confirmed a jury ruling made last May that SeaChange did violate an nCUBE VOD
patent governing server architectures.

In that decision, the jury ordered SeaChange to pay nCUBE 7 percent of the
revenue it collected from products that infringed on the patent.

While the judge's initial statement didn't contain full details of the exact
amount of damages or awards, he did indicate that he would double the damages
the jury set and tack on legal fees.

In the ruling documents, the judge's initial estimate of those damages stands
at about $4 million, plus some $1.8 million in legal fees. But before the final
decision is rendered, the judge has asked nCUBE to submit within five days an
updated estimate of the revenue derived from the original jury

"While we are pleased that the damages are less than those requested by nCUBE and which we had previously accrued for, we continue to believe that the weight of the evidence is in our favor on both legal and technical grounds," SeaChange president and CEO Bill Styslinger said in a release.

"Accordingly, we intend to file an appeal in this case," he added.