Negotiations Could Yield AFTRA-AMPTP Pact


Negotiators for the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers continued contract talks through the Memorial Day weekend, leading to speculation that an agreement is near between the unions.

AFTRA's primetime network drama programs contract, which covers such shows at HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, is due to expire June 30.

AFTRA president Roberta Reardon issued an update during the holiday, putting members on notice about the intensity of the talks, calling them “constructive and productive.” 

But she noted negotiators were focused on a “knotty problem” -- the issue of the use of clips for Internet content and promotional purposes. Reardon wrote that AFTRA negotiators are focused on working with the AMPTP to “find a creative solution that will protect our members' images while at the same time encouraging the growth of the new market,” she wrote to members.

AFTRA has made contractual progress in areas such as its sound recordings code. That national contract covers singers and session artists who work for more than 1,200 companies. 

“The agreement is a great step forward for AFTRA recording artists and singers as it provides increased compensation and benefits for recordings in boht physical and digital formats,” according to Reardon.