Net Neutrality Backers Multiply To Conquer

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Washington -- Proponents of network neutrality have gotten
150 groups to sign on to a letter to Federal Communications Commission chairman
Julius Genachowski and the other commissioners backing the agency's
classification of broadband transmissions under some Title II common-carrier

Represented groups ranged from Free Press, the National
Organization for Women, Common Cause and Public Knowledge to the Juvenile
Diabetes Research Fund, Pet Rescue, and even the Dr Pepper Museum in Waco, Tex.

organizations rely upon an open Internet to spread the word about our work,
engage more people in our issues, and build support at the grassroots
level," the groups wrote in support of the FCC's proceeding to expand and
codify its network-openness principles, and the reclassification they, and the
FCC majority, argue is needed to underpin that effort.

The FCC this month launched an inquiry into how, and if, it
needed to clarify its broadband regulatory in the wake of the April 6 Comcast-BitTorrent
court decision that cast doubt on that authority, at least as the FCC tried to
justify it in that case.

Copies of the letter also went to the chairmen
and ranking members of the relevant FCC oversight committees in Congress.