Netflix Accounts For 20% Of Peak U.S. Internet Bandwidth: Study


Netflix represents more than 20% of downstream Internet traffic during peak times in the U.S. -- and is heaviest in the primetime hours of 8 to 10 p.m., according to a new report from bandwidth management equipment vendor Sandvine.

Overall, Internet users in North America still trail other regions in consumption: North American households use a median of 4 Gigabytes per month of Internet bandwidth, whereas in Asia-Pacific region the median is 12 Gigabytes. According to Sandvine's 2009 report, the worldwide monthly median usage last year was 3 Gigabytes.

Meanwhile, in North America the average time a fixed connection is active is 3 hours, whereas in Asia-Pacific it's closer to 5.5 hours.

Sandvine's eighth annual bandwidth study, "Fall 2010 Global Internet Phenomena," was based on data collected from more than 200 cable, DSL and mobile service providers worldwide over August and September 2010.

Netflix, which had about 16.9 million subscribers as of the end of September 2010, provides its "Watch Now" Internet streaming service on more than 100 devices, including TiVo DVRs, Roku, Apple TV, Google TV, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation3, Nintendo Wii, and many Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray Disc players.