Netflix Shares ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Data

On eve of new season, more than half the show’s fans have rewatched at least one full season
OITNB Season 3 imageRESIZED.jpg

With a new season of Orange Is the New Black looming, Netflix revealed that 53% of Orange viewers have rewatched at least one full season of the show since its debut in 2013.

The rewatching peaks in June, said Netflix, in advance of a new season. Season four debuts Friday, June 17.

Fully 41% of viewers polled planned to rewatch all 36 episodes in the series before the new season, while 21% planned to rewatch the previous season. Top reasons include reliving moments with favorite characters (29%) and looking for foreshadowing in previous storylines (25%), while another 25% said they simply can’t get enough of their favorite show.

In case you’re wondering, Netflix shared that 43% of rewatching goes down in the living room, and 41% in the bedroom.