Netflix Starts To Play 4K On Panasonic TVs

More TV Makers Support Netflix’s Growing Ultra HD Library
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Netflix’s 4K horizons expanded a bit last week after Panasonic announced that its AX802-series LED-TVs are now compatible with the OTT giant’s small, but growing, Ultra HD library.

Netflix, which launched its 4K offering in April, doesn’t break down how many titles it offers in the format, though the library does include season two of House of Cards, Breaking Bad, movies such as Smurfs 2,Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2, and a selection of nature documentaries from Moving Art. A Netflix official noted that nearly all of the company's original live-action series will be delivered in 4K, where available, including season one of Marco Polo, which is scheduled to debut on Netflix on Dec. 12

In addition to the Panasonic’s AX802-series, Netflix 4K streaming is also compatible with certain Ultra HD TV models from Samsung, LG Electronics, Sony, Vizio, and Toshiba. According to Netflix’s 4K FAQ, the recommended broadband speed for UHD streaming is “at least 25 Mbps.”

Others are starting to up their 4K game. Earlier this month, DirecTV introduced a slate of 4K pay-per-view titles that fetch $3.99 to $15.99 each, and M-GO, the electronic sell-through venture of Technicolor and DreamWorks, launched a 70-title UHD library that’s expected to grow to 100 titles by the end of the year.

Comcast is also on track to launch a 4K streaming app for Samsung TVs by the end of the year.