Nets Evaluate Putting Content On Google TV

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The delicate dance between content providers and online companies wishing to distribute that content ratcheted up this week with an Oct. 22 headline in The Wall Street Journal declaring: "Networks Block Web Programming from Being Viewed on Google TV."

Multiple media outlets picked up the story. But somewhat lost in the aggregation was the fact that ABC, CBS and NBC, the specific "networks" referred to in the Journal headline, are in talks with Google for a workable solution to long-form content access on Google's Web-based TV. Google along with Sony and Logitech only began rolling out Google TV this month. And NBC introduced a Google TV app for business news channel CNBC.

Spokespeople for ABC, CBS and NBC confirmed that they have not made episodes of their long-form content available for Google's searchable Web-based TV.

But all three networks are in ongoing negotiations, according to sources.

Last summer, Google began pitching networks to optimize their Websites to work with Google TV. Some networks including Time Warner's HBO and Turner Broadcasting networks have revamped to make their shows available on Google TV. Fox is not blocking their shows from Google TV as the two companies continue to work out a deal.

Hulu, which is owned by Disney, NBC Universal and News Corp., also blocks its videos from Google TV, though Hulu and Google are in talks to make Hulu's subscription service available.

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