Network Series Stays Current With Political Season


Peer-to-peer news and information network Current will ratchet up its political election Wednesday with the premiere of a new weekly series, Current Election.

The 30-minute series, hosted by journalist Kaj Larsen, will focus on the myriad of political issues and viewpoints, providing viewers with new insight into the people, events and themes that make 2008 truly historic.

Each Monday in October the show will feature a different report from focusing on a specific election-themed topic. Subjects include: The View from Over There (Oct. 6); The Immigration Nation (Oct. 13); US: Generation War (Oct. 20); USA: Destroying Earth? (Oct. 27); Is America Going Broke? (Nov. 3).

In addition to Current Election, Current’s political coverage will include such shows as Music + Politics ‘08 (Oct. 7); Hack the Debate (Oct. 2, Oct. 7 and Oct. 15); and Vanguard: The Great American Detour (Oct. 29.)

Also, Current series including infoMania, Super News and The Current Countdown will provide a wide range of election coverage that combines analysis, audience opinion, in-depth field reporting, satire and interactivity designed to engage and inform the Current audience.