Networks Plan Q1 Test of Data Plus Math Ad Platform

Attribution model was known as ‘Project Thor’

A handful of broadcast and cable networks have signed up to test a system best known as Project Thor that measures the impact of television advertising.

The system — a multi-touch attribution platform created by data analytics company Data Plus Math — is no longer being referred to by its superhero name.

And instead of being an industry-wide initiative, individual networks and groups including A+E Networks, AMC Networks, The CW, Discovery Communications and Fox News Channel, will be testing the platform with clients during the first quarter.

Other networks are still in discussion with Data Plus Math, which declined to comment.

Creating metrics that show the results of TV advertising campaigns is increasingly important at a time when decisions are being based on data. Digital advertising has generated tons of data — some of which has been discredited. TV, though known as the most powerful sales medium ever, has found creating data linking commercials to sales elusive.

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“When we talk to advertisers they’re aware that TV worked, but I think we all felt we let digital take credit for a lot of the hard work TV does in driving awareness and brand education and, at the end of the day, really driving results,” said Mel Berning, president and chief revenue officer at A+E Networks.

In the future, attribution metrics could be a standard part of the post-campaign reports that TV networks provide to their advertisers, he said.

“We think it will really help advertisers see the value of TV and will help justify moving more money back to TV and away from some of the other media that hasn’t been as effective,” Berning said.

“The industry needs scalable and standard attribution and business outcome measurements that benefit marketers, agencies, buying platforms and publishers,” said Ben Price, president, U.S. Ad Sales, Discovery Communications. “Our partnership with Data Plus Math will not only prove the effectiveness of ads across both linear and digital, but also show how powerful premium video is with engaging consumers.”