New CSTV Campaign Finds School Spirit


In concert with its two-year anniversary and with the eyes of the sports world focused on college basketball’s Final Four, CSTV tipped off a new branding campaign this past weekend.

The campaign, from ad agency Taxi, features four spots running on CSTV, cross-channel avails and on CEO Brian Bedol said a spot-cable schedule will commence in mid-April. He said the campaign underlines the passion and breadth of interest in college athletics.

“College sports cross generations from an aspirational perspective for kids, to a transformative [experience] for the athletes themselves and to life-long fan interest,” said Bedol, explaining the idea behind the spots.

In “Reporter,” Stephanie is saluted for just winning the national field hockey championship, now she’s going “back to her dorm to study for my calculus final.” “Fight Song,” featuring various crowd shots and playing to the tune of the Notre Dame fight song, includes lyrics “you’ll never see agents or owners on CSTV.”

In “Megaphone” an old man moves to the center of an empty football field, and places to his heart a megaphone, which begins playing the Notre Dame fight song. The spot ends with the tag line “Real Spirit Lies Within.”

The spots also serve as a showcase for the network’s new pennant-shaped logo. Bedol called the logo “evolutionary and transitional,” as it marks the first step in what will be a new on-screen look that will be unveiled this fall.