New Devices, More Marketing Tactics Coming More Online For more


New York — Irwin Gotlieb believes the third inflection point for the digital world is coming soon.

Pointing to the birth of the Web and its crash
circa 2001 as the first two defining moments, the
CEO of global media management and investment
agency Group M told attendees at the Multichannel
News/Broadcasting & Cable
OnScreen Media Summit
here last week that the third phase, rooted in Internet
protocol, will feature abundantly more multicasting,
which will open the door to more devices and means
for marketers to reach advertisers.

Gotlieb, who was interviewed by Broadcasting &
business editor Jon Lafayette, said a slew of new
devices will debut between now and the Consumer
Electronics Show in January, and beyond.

“The second generation of the iPad and all of these
things will transform how we consume media, how
marketing exploits the media,” he said.

Gotlieb said that with consumers reading newspapers
on iPads, there is no reason there can’t be
addressability: “Today, we get the same ads, even
though we may have different interests.”

He also said video behind ads will become commonplace.
“They’ll know you saw an ad twice, and
then serve you something different,” he stated.

Flanking the new means of delivery will be enhanced
measurement. “The way we gather, aggregate
and apply analytics will be completely transformed
and inform our marketing strategies and tactics and
ability to communicate,” he predicted.

Gotlieb also issued a warning to cable companies
“standing in the way of progress,” saying that developers
are going to encroach on MSOs anyway, throttling
bandwidth will not be looked on kindly by the
government, and “charging for bandwidth by the gig
will be painful.”