New Gear for Charter, Adelphia


Looking to get more bang for the bandwidth buck, Charter Communications Inc.
and Adelphia Communications Corp. are deploying new gear in their systems.

Charter announced that it is deploying 32 of Terayon Communication Systems
Inc.'s new "CherryPicker DM 6400" statistical multiplexers to power its
high-definition-TV rollout, which now reaches 18 markets.

The new CherryPicker has the capability to funnel up to four HD streams on a
single 256-QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) channel, thus freeing up
bandwidth to expand HD offerings or to beef up other services including

Compared with standard-definition TV, HD consumes up to five times the
bandwidth per stream.

Charter will be using the DM 6400 units to mix three HD streams per

Meanwhile, Adelphia is deploying BigBand Networks Inc.'s "Broadband
Multimedia Service Router" in four of its headend systems in California,
Colorado and Pennsylvania.

The BMR's channel-grooming capabilities allow MSOs to manage its digital
streams, allowing them to fit more digital signals into their bandwidth

"We have selected BigBand Networks because the BMR platform lets us expand
the digital-broadcast programming we provide to our subscribers as an
alternative to expensive plant upgrades," said Dan Liberatore, vice president of
engineering of Adelphia, in a release.

"The platform also promises to extend its cost-effectiveness and
plant-efficiency benefits to additional services such as HDTV, digital ad
insertion and VOD," he added.