New Line Touts Successful DSS PPV Promotion


New Line Cinema's and DirecTv Inc.'s sweepstakes
promotion for the studio's Austin Powers title was an overwhelming success,
generating more than 400,000 entries, representatives from both companies said.

December's six-week promotion for the movie drew
422,000 entries, well above expectations, said David Spiegelman, executive vice president
of New Line Television. DirecTv viewers purchasing the movie were entered into the
"Groovy Movie" sweepstakes, which awarded the 1968 Jaguar featured in the movie
to the winner. Overall, the sweepstakes netted more than 1,300 prizes.

"This was one of the most successful campaigns in the
history of PPV," Spiegelman said.

Susan Collins, vice president of consumer marketing for
DirecTv, said in a prepared statement that the promotion of the grand prize
"generated awareness and excitement among consumers ... we are very pleased with both
the movie's performance on PPV and the success of the sweepstakes."

Spiegelman attributed the campaign's success to the
attractiveness of the movie, which generated $53.4 million at the box office. "The
movie lends itself to self-promotion; it's become a pop icon," he said.

New Line is looking to develop more PPV-movie promotions
with DirecTv in the future. "They've [movie promotions] become a major revenue
source, and they [DirecTv] are good strategic partners and marketers," Spiegelman