New Online Site Displays Color of Politics

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Multicultural political junkies now have a Web site of their own as Atlanta-based broadband video network and Internet portal “Politics In Color” seeks to provide an online community for minorities to discuss the developments of the current political season.

The service, a partnership between Atlanta-based communications company BlaCon Media ( and web-based media company Zeel TV(, launched on Feb 4 -- the day before the Super Tuesday Presidential primaries -- to focus on the political issues affecting Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Arab Americans and Native Americans, according to Politics In Color co-partner Steve Bacon.

“We wanted to put together a service that would address the political needs of all of the communities that make up America so that there would be a forum for everyone to talk, to be updated and to feel like they have a place to go when it comes to their political concerns,” he said.

Bacon’s experience as a technical production coordinator for Al Gore’s 2000 campaign convinced him then that there was a need for an outlet for the multicultural community to voice their political concerns. In 2003, BlaCon Media drew up plans to launch a television-based multicultural news service, but was unable to secure adequate funding.

“As technology developed we recognized that it would be better to look at doing this on the Internet,” he said. “We thought coming into this new political cycle, it would be a shame if we didn’t take this opportunity to launch the service.”

The site features articles and blogs from numerous political-oriented writers such as Wilmer Leon and conservative columnist Starr Parker. In addition, Politics In Color features original and aggregated video clips from various news channels that have a multicultural bend.

Bacon also said it has partnered with Denver-based, multicultural cable network Colours TV to develop cross promotional opportunities. He added the website will soon provide the 14 million subscriber network with daily video news updates that will run on the channel.

Since its launch, the network is averaging around 1,000 page views a week, but Bacon says the Colours deal along with a number of undisclosed advertising and marketing deals will help push that number 4,000 to 5,000 by the end of the year.