New President for Jewelry Television


Jewelry Television has shifted responsibilities in its executive suite.

The Nashville, Tenn.-headquartered home-shopping network has named William Kouns president. A cofounder of the channel, Kouns had been serving as chief operating officer and senior vice president, overseeing merchandising and marketing.

In his new role, Kouns is responsible for overall business operations and building the network’s distribution base.

The appointment comes on the heels of F. Robert Hall’s move to the CEO and chairman positions, in which he is focusing on strategic initiatives and long-term planning. Hall previously held the post of president and CEO.

“Promoting Kouns to the role of president is a natural step in the progression of our management structure,” Hall said in a prepared statement. “The rapid growth of our company has facilitated a need for major organizational changes. The group of entrepreneurs who founded the company needed to move into more traditional executive roles and focus primarily on developing long-term-growth strategies.”