New Series In for ‘Adult Swim’


New York -- “Adult Swim,” the young-adult-targeted block residing on Cartoon Network, has upped its production ante with a host of new series and pilots.

First up of the new shows is American Dad, about a CIA agent whose battles against terrorism never end, even at home. The series bows in May.

September will be a big month for the block, which unveiled its programming plays at an upfront here Thursday evening, with the premieres of Stroker & Hoop, centering on a stumbling private eye and his partner, a master of disguise; Squidbillies, which tracks a family of cephalopods stranded in north Georgia, where they raise hell with local officials; fond of suds, 12oz Mouse loves odd jobs; and Perfect Hair Forever, chronicling the adventures of young, bald boy in a mystical land where he seeks perfect locks.

The following month, The Boondocks, based on the award-winning comic strip, is set to debut.

Adult Swim also okayed the production of fresh episodes of The Venture Bros. (13 installments) and a fifth season of the block’s first original series hit, Aqua Teen HungerForce.

Further down in the pipeline, Adult Swim is developing pilots for stop-motion series Moral Orel, Saul of the Mole People, Lucy: Daughter of the Devil and Minori-Team.