New 'Slightly Off' Logo For IFC

Channel Adopts New Graphics, Promo Treatments
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IFC logo_364.jpg

IFC has tweaked its look with a new logo, new graphics and promotions supporting the the channel’s “Always On Slightly Off” motto. 

“The new logo is more ‘Slightly Off’ than the old one, and the removal of punctuation in the tagline saves time when writing the four words that define the uniquely IFC approach,” the AMC Networks outlet said.

“Stamp” icons will label movies and shows as an “Original,” “Brand New,” “Classic,” “Staff Pick” or something to “Rewatch.”

Promo spots will include riffs on notable movie lines in spots called “Air Quotes,” and "What Ifs" that re-imagine movies in a new contexts, as in “What if ‘Scarface’ was a sitcom?”

IFC worked with NYC-based agency Gretel on the new branding.