New Study Downplays DVR Threat


Knowledge Networks announced Wednesday that its new consumer research study
found that DVDs have deeper penetration than digital video recorders and offer
greater advertising and promotion potential.

Its report, 'How People Use VCRs, DVRs and DVDs,' estimated that 47% of TV
households now own a DVD player and 12% own two, whereas DVR penetration is only
2%, with two-thirds of those being standalone units from TiVo and ReplayTV.

'At this point, logic and trends dictate that the DVD's possibilities are
much more immediate and real than the DVR's threat to advertising as we know
it,' said Knowledge Networks vice president of client services David Tice in a
prepared statement.

DVDs, which can be targeted demographically and incorporate interactive
marketing materials, 'remain largely untapped as a marketing vehicle,' Tice