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New TiVo Content Ads Up

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TiVo Inc. added a new search product to its digital-video-recording technology that allows viewers to find more information on products they see advertised.

“TiVo Product Watch” will supply targeted ad content from more than 70 advertisers and 100 brands in categories ranging from automotive to entertainment, financial, lifestyle, travel and leisure. Viewers can create searches for extended product information video ranging from one to 60 minutes in length and have them downloaded to the “Now Playing” section of the TiVo service.

They can also search based on favorite brands and opt to receive video content directly from that brand’s company on an ongoing basis.

For advertisers, the new service offers a way to better reach potential customers who are more likely to buy based on their interests. Among initial advertisers taking part are General Motors Corp., Sony Pictures, LendingTree LLC and Kraft Foods Inc.

Various ad agencies and Comcast Spotlight, Comcast Corp.’s ad-sales division, gave input for pricing of the extended ad information, which will be based on cost per download and a setup fee.

"TiVo Product Watch will, for the first time, enable TV viewers to get commercial information about a product they are interested in, when they want it, rather than through traditional TV advertising, where a viewer has no control of what ad comes on when they are watching a program,” TiVo CEO Tom Rogers said.