NewFronts 2015: Condé Nast Adds 10 New Partners to Its Scene Content Hub

'Tyler Zone,' from Fox-Lonely Island, Also in the Works

Condé Nast Entertainment plans to keep the foot on the accelerator, it assured ad buyers Tuesday at a NewFronts presentation heralding contributions from 10 new outside brands (among them Pitchfork, Onion Inc. and CollegeHumor) to its content hub The Scene. Also in the pipeline: an original series in partnership with Fox-Lonely Island teaming Party Over Here, a new channel dedicated to Latino millennials and two shows employing virtual reality technology.

“Like cable in the early days, the economics of premium digital video are maturing and enabling the industry to up its game," CNE president Dawn Ostroff said in a release prior to the event.

The company said it has produced more than 4,000 videos, maintaining that figure represents "more premium content than any other company," recording 2.5 billion views since launching a suite of digital channels in 2013.