Imagine viewing any advertiser's radio and print schedules with one click. Newspaper Ad Tracking is made easy and powerful with Media Monitors.

We capture and store print advertisements in the weekday, weekend and Sunday editions of major market newspapers as well as page number and relative size, and add this information to our fully-indexed database of print ads.

Meanwhile, our teams of print data specialists identify and research any new ads and incorporate them into the massive print ad database as well.

Then, you use our online search capabilities to create reports containing advertisers' print ad schedules and radio spot schedules side-by-side, on the same screen. This combined view of print plus radio gives you a larger picture than ever before.

A new service for newspapers, radio stations, broadcast advertisers and ad agencies, Newspaper Ad Tracking from Media Monitors gives your sales executives deeper analysis capabilities.

Newspaper Ad TrackingSM ... side by side with radio spots.

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What you'll get from our Newspaper Ad Tracking services:

  • Convenient zoom in/out tool to view print ads in detail
  • Powerful online newspaper search tools for your market
  • On-demand, comparative newspaper ad analysis capabilities
  • One-click data export to Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets for further analysis
  • Regularly updated data reporting capabilities
  • Ability to generate new, updated reports whenever you want

What you can do when you combine our newspaper and radio services:

  • See advertisers buying newspapers and radio, all on the same screen
  • Examine one advertiser's campaign in the newspaper and on radio
  • Create panels of newspapers and/or radio stations and analyze their spot schedules
  • Track newspaper ad frequency and compare with radio airplay
  • Review ad sizes and page numbers and compare with radio airplay
  • Analyze ad campaigns among stations and/or newspapers

Why you'll profit from these powerful online tools:

  • Instant lead-generation reports
  • Create newspaper and radio intelligence reports for advertisers
  • Great for prospecting and verification
  • Make more powerful decisions with more current information

Media Monitors proudly serves major radio groups, newspapers, media analysts and ad agencies.

Ask about availability in your market.