NFL Network Hypes Thursday Night Games


Looking to hype its Thursday night games, NFL Network launched a commercial campaign starring Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana.

The spin: the commercials will be fresh. The spots are set in a diner owned by Montana’s character, Joe Clifford. The diner is populated with employees and patrons who discuss upcoming games and show “how inside the access is” on NFL Network, according to the network.

The campaign comes as NFL Network is duking it out with Time Warner Cable and other major cable TV operators that refuse to cough up extra cash to carry the niche sports channel on basic cable tiers.

The commercials will be shot every other week. The spots (:10, :15 and :30 second versions) will be shot on a Monday, edited Tuesday and will be telecast Thursdays on NFL Network and its broadcast partners.

The spots will correspond to online content at, where football fans can view past spots, watch a fictional documentary on Joe Clifford and dig deeper into the bios of the commercials’ characters.

The spots will run through the season, culminating with a "season finale" spot in the Super Bowl telecast.