NFL Network, Nat Geo Top Consumer Study: Beta


NFL Network has the highest perceived value among digital networks, according to the latest Beta Research digital-cable subscriber study, while National Geographic Channel is the favorite digital basic network.

The consumers polled for the study put a value of $2.02 on NFL Network. Second place went to MTV Jams, at $1.82; then PBS Kids Sprout, $1.67; MTV Hits, $1.61; TV One, $1.59; Gospel Music Channel, $1.58; and SoapNet, $1.51.

The rest of the list is rounded out by Noggin, $1.50; ESPNews, $1.46, plus History International, The N and VH1Soul, with each valued at $1.43 each.

While fans ascribe high values to their favorite networks, that does not mean those services are necessarily at the top of the "favorite networks" chart developed in the poll. NFL Network earned a high valuation from fans, but placed 10th overall on the list of digital-cable networks. Besides NatGeo, which was mentioned by 32% of those polled, adults 18 and older named Lifetime Movie Network (27%), Fox Movie Channel (25%) and BBC America tied with Discovery Health Channel (18% each) as their favorite digital networks.

The poll queried a national sample of 1,957 digital cable subscribers from 32 cable systems. It measured 40 of the digital-basic networks carried by most of the cable systems surveyed.