NFL Network OKs Time Warner ‘Freeview’


NFL Network Monday accepted Time Warner Cable’s offer to provide a “freeview” of the National Football League’s cable service on its digital-basic tier in the New York DMA Dec. 24-30.

“In light of the fact that 75% of Time Warner’s New York-area customers subscribe to the digital-basic tier, we have concluded that its offer represented the quickest and best way to bring Rutgers’ appearance in the Texas Bowl to Time Warner subscribers and to make the freeview a reality,” NFL Network communications director Seth Palansky said in a prepared statement.

“In addition, we have let Time Warner know that if they are interested, we would extend this same freeview to subscribers of Time Warner in affected regions in Kansas and Texas (both states in which state universities are participating in bowl games that NFL Network will telecast) on similar penetration terms,” he added. “However, the New York resolution is not tied to the additional freeview offer in Texas and Kansas.”