NFL Spins Off Multimedia Post-NFL Boot Camp

Will School Players in Sports Journalism Basics at Four-Day Training Session
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The NFL has launched a new off-season training camp for current and former players. But this one is all about life after the gridiron as the league expands its post-NFL career program.

According to the NFL, 23 players will take part in the first NFL Sports Journalism, & Communications Boot camp, meant to help prepare them for careers in radio, print or digital media. That will include covering mock press conferences after a Toledo Mud Hens minor league baseball game and working on writing and radio presentation skills.

The League has already been running a broadcast boot camp out of its NFL Films division--the seventh annual installment is in June. The sports journalism camp is a spinoff from that given the success of the broadcast program, according to NFL spokesman Dan Masonson.

The four-day camp (May 13-16) will be held at Bowling Green State University, hosted by the School of Media and Communications and the Sport Management program there. It is only one of 10 post-football training programs run by the league.

Among the players participating in the camp are veteran free agent quarterback Charlie Batch, who won two Super Bowl rings as a backup with the Pitsburgh Steelers, and former Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch.