NGC Details New Shows for 2005-06


Joining the upfront parade, National Geographic Channel has four original series and a variety of specials slated for the upcoming season.

The service’s new primetime shows for 2005-06 include Beyond the Bible,which uses historical and archeological evidence to explain seemingly miraculous events; and Is It Real?, which puts purportedly supernatural phenomenon under a scientific magnifying glass.

There are also two series spinoffs of veteran NGC show Megastructures -- Mega-Science, which talks about recent scientific breakthroughs, and Mega-Weather,which takes a look at the Earth’s most vicious and intense weather phenomenon.

NGC will hold its upfront event Wednesday at Grand Central Station in New York, where it will treat media buyers to a tour of the secret terminal located more than 100 feet below the hub’s lowest level. That tour ties into one of its specials for the fourth quarter of this year, Inside Grand Central.

The network, which has scored some solid ratings with its specials, also unveiled a specials slate that includes: Hannibal, which retraces his route from Tunisia to Italy; Blackbeard, a documentary that will coincide with the release of The Walt Disney Co.’s Pirates of the Caribbean II; Spartacus & Herod,which goes inside the life of the rebel slave and traces the path of power of the most hated king in Jewish history; and The San Francisco Earthquake, which uses unique footage and re-creations to depict the quake’s magnitude.