Nick Builds Two New Games Divisions


Nickelodeon Kids and Family Group has formed two new divisions to expand its development of games and virtual world brand extension.

The new Virtual Worlds Group will be headed by Kyra Reppen, named senior vice president and general manager. This group will manage all virtual initiatives aimed at kids, tweens, teens and families, including the youth-oriented virtual community Neopets; Nick's online playground for kids, Nicktropolis; and new virtual world destinations. Upcoming projects include development of a premium layer for Nicktropolis and a new property, Monkey World.

The Games Group will be run by Dave Williams, also named senior vice president and general manager. He is based in San Francisco and will expand existing subscription game services, licensing and self-publishing businesses. He will focus on current sites such as and Shockwave's established subscription services and develop new ones. New gaming products will be developed to link to hit TV projects such as iCarly and SpongeBob SquarePants.