Nick Gets Into Social-Networking Game


Nickelodeon will launch “kid-targeted multimedia experience” Nicktropolis Tuesday.

“Kids for the first time will have their own virtual community where they will have the opportunity to play games, watch video, explore Nickelodeon-branded and original environments, interact with other kids or Nickelodeon characters in real time and create their own personalized 3-D rooms,” the network said in a prepared statement.

Kids enter Nicktropolis by assuming an "avatar" that they design and personalize, choosing from an array of hairstyles, skin tones and clothing styles, Nick said, adding that once a user selects a destination, the avatar appears in the particular environment and can move around simply by clicking where he/she wants to go.

Parents have the option to control their child's settings in Nicktropolis, including limiting their child's chat settings and setting their security levels of where and with whom they can visit.

“Nickelodeon has a deep connection with kids, and Nicktropolis is built from our knowledge that kids' interest in social networking is all about gaming," Nickelodeon and MTVN Kids and Family Group president Cyma Zarghami said in a prepared statement.

“Nicktropolis serves as a one-of-a-kind multimedia virtual entertainment playground for kids that allows them to watch video from our immense library of programming, play games, interact with our characters and safely communicate with each other through controlled chat,” she added.

Nick parent MTV Networks chairman and CEO Judy McGrath added, “Virtual worlds like Nicktropolis are part of our strategy to bring immersive, relevant entertainment experiences to our audiences wherever they are and to build communities around our content across every kind of platform. The virtual worlds we've been building across our networks give the fans of our brands the high level of interaction they want with one another and with the content itself.”