Nick Sets Launch Of New Nets


Anaheim, Calif. -- Nickelodeon set launch dates last
Wednesday for two of its new networks.

Educational kids' channel Noggin is slated to debut
Feb. 2, and "digi-net" Nickelodeon GAS -- Games and Sports for Kids will launch
March 1, officials said at the Western Show here.

Noggin has also closed several new affiliation agreements
for Noggin, inking deals with telco overbuilders Southern New England Telecommunications
Corp.'s and GTE Corp.'s Americast services.

SNET will launch Noggin on its systems serving Hartford,
New Haven and Fairfield County, Conn. GTE will roll the network out on its systems serving
Oahu, Hawaii; Ventura County, Calif.; and Pinellas County, Fla.

Nick didn't provide subscriber counts for the new
affiliation agreements.