Nielsen Ads: ‘Every View Counts’

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Nielsen Media Research said Wednesday that it will launch a branding-advertising campaign in February.

The campaign, “Every View Counts,” is aimed at heightening awareness about who Nielsen is and how its TV reports accurately reflect the viewing habits of all different kinds of people.

The ratings-measurement service said the campaign will focus on key media outlets in the metropolitan Detroit area, along with other media markets across the country.

The campaign -- created in partnership with Burrell Communications Group, one of the nation's largest African-American full-service communications agencies -- includes print, radio, online and cinema advertising targeting Asian, African-American, Arabic and Hispanic consumers and opinion leaders.

“The success of our research depends upon our ability to accurately measure and represent all TV viewers, so we strive to make sure that every ethnic group is included in the TV ratings," Nielsen CEO Susan D. Whiting said in a prepared statement.

“While we've been actively working with various ethnic groups to ensure that our measurements fully and fairly represent all television viewers, we felt that we could do more to inform people about what we do,” she added. “The advertising campaign will be initiated in conjunction with our ongoing community outreach initiatives."