Nielsen Charts Broadband Growth


The latest Nielsen/NetRatings survey confirmed what America Online Inc.
already knows: Narrowband Internet subscribers are dropping service as broadband
penetration rises.

The company's latest survey found that broadband penetration at home and work
jumped from 26 million in May 2002 to 39 million in May 2003, while narrowband
dropped from 79 million to 69 million.

"We're seeing the mainstreaming of broadband as more and more modem users
migrate to high-speed, especially as broadband costs continue to drop," said
Marc Ryan, director of analysis at Nielsen/NetRatings, in a prepared

AOL continued to lead time spent online, garnering eight hours and three
minutes per person during the month of May, far ahead of Yahoo! Inc.'s two hours
and 30 minutes and Microsoft Corp.'s MSN and eBay Inc., both of which clocked in
at just under two hours.