Nielsen Cos. Track Potter Phenom


In a Monday announcement, Nielsen Media Research indicated, via seven of its
companies, just how big a multimedia phenomenon the Harry Potter
franchise has been thus far.

Since January 2002, the various companies participating in the Harry
franchise have spent a combined $128 million in measured media across
12 countries to date, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

With the fifth book in the Harry Potter series due to hit stores June
21, Nielsen said its Nielsen BookScan unit has estimated that the first four
novels have sold more than 6.8 million copies in the United States, the United
Kingdom and Australia.

Its Nielsen EDI unit estimated that the first two movie releases have grossed
$1.8 billion globally, with Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone No. 2
on the all-time list of box-office grosses and the second film ranking

Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets is the top-selling title in
VHS/DVD so far this year, by Nielsen VideoScan's estimation.

Last year, Sorcerer's Stone drew the second-highest number of viewers
(6.6 million) among all films that have run on Home Box Office, according to
Nielsen Media Research ratings data. Only Castaway outranked