Nielsen: Games Not Just for Men 18-34


Gamers are expanding beyond the traditional 18-34 male target demographic for the medium, according to a benchmark interactive-entertainment study released Thursday by Nielsen Media Research.

The report is the first installment of a biannual study being conducted by Nielsen Entertainment’s Interactive Group.

The research found that women, Hispanics and African Americans are an underserved and emerging market for interactive entertainment, and women and older adults are playing games in increasing numbers.

The Nielsen study also said that while Caucasians report spending the most money per month on DVDs, African Americans and Hispanics report spending more money per month on games and mobile services.

According to the benchmark report, 39% of gamers are female and nearly 24% of all gamers are over the age of 40.

“While this reinforces the industry’s traditional targeting towards these groups, women between the ages of 18-24 show relatively high entertainment expenditure and time availability, suggesting that there are opportunities for publishers to target this consumer,” said Emily Della Maggiora, vice president of Nielsen Interactive Entertainment.

“African-American and Hispanic gamers appear to be a potentially lucrative [and currently underserved] consumer target for publishers as these gamers are spending more money to purchase games and more time to play them compared with total gamers, in general,” she added.