Nielsen Gets Sporty with ‘LPMs’


For the first time, using “Local People Meter” data, Nielsen Media Research Tuesday released local demographic ratings for several major sporting events in June.

These local ratings were available for a half-dozen major metropolitan markets due to the recent rollouts of LPMs, which provide continuous demographic data. LPMs have been deployed in New York; Los Angeles; Chicago; San Francisco; Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; and Boston, the latter of which has had LPM data since 2002.

The LPMs reported that the seven-game National Basketball Association Finals on ABC reached one-quarter of all adults in the six latest LPM markets and up to one-half of all African-American adults.

More than one-half of all African-American adults in Washington and San Francisco watched at least part of the NBA Finals, which was about twice as high as the overall viewing by the total population in those two markets.

In New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, more than 40% of all adult African Americans watched some of the NBA Finals.

The finals were the highest-rated sporting event in June in four of the six new LPM markets. In New York and Philadelphia, the Belmont Stakes horse race had the highest ratings among adults.

Before the introduction of LPMs, demographic data for any local viewing in June -- including sports -- wasn’t available because June isn’t a sweeps month, or one of the periods each year when demographic information is collected by paper diaries.