Nielsen to NHMC: Let’s Sit Down


Complying with a request by the Los Angeles City Council, Nielsen Media Research Wednesday asked one of the chief opponents of its “Local People Meters” to sit down for a meeting.

Nielsen CEO Susan Whiting sent a letter to Alex Nogales, president of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, making herself and her senior management available to meet with him. Nogales is part of the coalition of African-American and Hispanic groups, Don’t Count Us Out, which is fighting against the rollout of the LPMs in Los Angeles July 8.

“My hope is that this meeting will provide an opportunity to address the concerns of the Don’t Count Us Out coalition,” Whiting wrote.

Whiting sent the letter after a committee of the Los Angeles City Council Tuesday urged both parties to get together and work out their differences. That came after Nogales failed to convince the council to get in the middle of the argument over the technology.

Opponents hoped to get a resolution from the city demanding a delay of the July LPM launch. But the majority of the three-man committee charged with analyzing the issue on behalf of the whole City Council instead advised the two sides to sit down and mediate a resolution.

Committee chairman councilman Jack Weiss said not only does Los Angeles not have jurisdiction over the debate, but the city and its auditors have no expertise to analyze the data coming from the pro- and anti-LPM camps to determine whose data are more accurate.