Nielsen Releases Demo Cable Ratings


Nielsen Media Research for the first time released demographic ratings for six cable shows that premiered this summer -- data collected by newly installed “Local People Meters” in six markets.

Since last July, total-day ratings for the ad-supported-cable segment have increased significantly in all six new LPM markets. In Philadelphia, for example, cable ratings have grown 79% using LPMs, Nielsen said Thursday.

The highlights of Nielsen’s findings included:

• In Boston, with a 3.0 rating, USA Network’s The 4400 had a higher rating among adults 18-plus than in any other LPM market.

• Of all the LPM markets, Chicago was the only one in which The 4400 rated higher among adult men (1.4) than adult women (1.3). Ratings for FX’s Over There were more than three times higher (4.4 versus 1.4) for men 55-plus than for women in this same demographic.

The 2005 MTV Movie Awards on MTV: Music Televisionhad its highest rating among all adults in Los Angeles, with a 2.7. Turner Network Television’s Into the West had ratings more than five times higher (3.7 versus 0.7) among viewers over 55 than 18- to 34-year-olds.

• TNT’s The Closer had a higher rating among adults 18-plus (3.7) in Philadelphia than in any LPM market.

• Among all LPM markets, San Francisco had the highest ratings among adults 18-plus (3.1) for the premiere of Over There.