Nielsen Reports Progress in Multiplatform Measurement


Nielsen Thursday reported that it has made strides in its promise one year ago to measure TV viewing no matter where or how it takes place.

In an 11-page report to its clients, Nielsen said it had followed through on its “Anytime Anywhere Media Measurement,” or A2/M2, commitment.

Nielsen said it had made progress: bringing electronic measurement to many more local markets; eliminating the need for paper diaries; integrating its TV- and Internet-measuring capabilities; enhancing its means to measure viewing outside the home, on TV, as well as iPods and cellular phones; and helping the TV industry to define and measure audience engagement with programming.

The rating company’s efforts included recruiting a panel of 400 iPod owners last year and installing special software meters on their PCs “to gather new insights into how they use their iTunes and iPods.”

Nielsen executive vice president Susan Whiting wrote a letter to clients as well, saying, “We have accomplished much, but made necessary adjustments to our original plan as the research and client feedback warranted.”