Nielsen Says Live TV Viewing Fell Slightly

2Q Total Audience Report show big gain in mobile viewing
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The amount of time spent watching live TV dropped in the second quarter but the erosion is slowing, according to a new report from Nielsen.

According to Nielsen’s second-quarter Total Audience Report, video consumption habits in the U.S. continue to change as viewers get a hold of more digital devices, but live viewing remains dominant and changes appear to be moderating except when it comes to mobile, which is still gaining steam.

"People spent 4 hours and 9 minutes per day on live TV, down 2 minutes from 4:11 in the second quarter of 2015,” Nielsen said. Live viewing dropped 8 minutes per day from 2014 to 2015.

The number of homes with subscription video on demand continued to rise, hitting 53% in the second quarter, up from 45% a year ago.

Time shifted viewing on DVRs was up one minute to 39 minutes per day. Internet use was up on PCs, to 57 minutes from 43 seconds, and the most noticeable increase came in the amount of time using apps.

On smart phones, app use rose to 1:43 from 1:09 and on tablets they jumped to 32 minutes from 20 minutes. App use was just one minute per day on smart phones and 13 minutes on tablets.

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