Nielsen Starts Profiling Mobile Web Users


Nielsen debuted a service Thursday that extends the company’s online audience-profiling tool, @Plan, to the mobile Web, according to officials. 

Mobile @Plan provides marketers and publishers with lifestyle and demographic information for leading mobile web sites, allowing marketers to efficiently reach their intended audience on the third screen. 

The service provides marketers with a complete view of the audience for more than 200 mobile Web sites by profiling their users according to more than a thousand points of lifestyle information, including demographics, leisure activities, life events, electronics ownership, media use and brand-level purchase activity on travel, auto, finance, food and beverage, real estate, pets and more.

Some 48 million U.S. mobile subscribers access the Internet over their phones each month, according to Nielsen, creating an important critical mass for marketers.  Now marketers will know more about mobile Web audiences.

In the area of summer travel, for example, Nielsen’s Mobile @Plan is able to show that

43% of mobile Web users have vacationed by air in the past 90 days. American Airlines is the most popular with users: 13% of mobile Web users report flying the airline in the past 90 days

Automotive sites reached via the mobile Web, such as Car and Driver and Edmunds, are highly concentrated with vacation travelers—audiences for these particular sites were two times more likely than the overall mobile web audience to have traveled for vacation in the past 90 days 

Active mobile Web visitors of many entertainment sites, on the other hand, are average travelers but have their own distinct characteristics. These audiences are more than twice as likely as the overall mobile web audience to consume energy drinks

“Every Web site has a unique audience profile with users of certain lifestyles and interests,” Jesse Goranson, senior vice president of mobile media for Nielsen Mobile, said in a statement. “Mobile @Plan identifies those differences on a site-by-site basis.”

Marketers and online publishers use Nielsen Online’s @Plan service to target PC Web audiences. Mobile @Plan extends this to the third screen, helping advertisers plan integrated campaigns that reach the right audience on both the PC and the mobile phone.

Used together, Nielsen claims that @Plan and Mobile @Plan allow marketers to most efficiently target and reach their desired audience on both the PC and mobile screen.