Nine Advertisers Get Taken


Sci Fi Channel announced Friday that nine advertisers, led by General Motors Corp., have signed to sponsor Taken, its $20 million, 10-hour miniseries from executive producer Steven Spielberg.

Last week, Universal Television Networks Group president of ad sales Jeff Lucas said GM and IBM Corp. will be the event's two biggest sponsors.

Sci Fi said Friday that the others buying into the saga about alien abductions -- due to debut Dec. 2 at 9 p.m. -- are: American Honda Motor Co. Inc.'s Acura, A Diamond Is Forever, Chili's Grill & Bar, DreamWorks SKG,, RadioShack Corp., T-Mobile International and Yahoo! Inc.'s Games On Demand.

RadioShack will support the miniseries via 60-second and 90-second trailers to be shown in its 7,200 stores.

In addition, Lucas said, Taken's sponsors will sponsor behind-the-scenes vignettes and tagged tune-in promos, get logo mentions in the network's consumer marketing print campaign and participate in Sci Fi's eight-market interactive tour, "The Taken Experience."

A 90-second trailer for the miniseries will also be shown to visitors at that traveling exhibit.