Nine-Month Ad Spending Up Nearly 4%


Nielsen Media Research's Nielsen Monitor-Plus service announced Monday that ad spending across 11 major media rose 3.8 percent to almost $69.3 billion for January through September.

Last week, Taylor Nelson Sofres' CMR/TNS Media Intelligence service reported that its tabulations for the nine-month span indicated that major-media ad spending grew 2.2 percent to $84.4 billion across 15 media (business-to-business magazines and outdoor were two media counted by CMR, but not by Nielsen).

Both research firms arrived at different percentages of growth or decline for the various media measured in common.

In addition, Nielsen showed cable growing 3.3 percent to nearly $9 billion (versus a 1 percent dip to almost $7.8 billion by CMR's count), Internet down nearly 1 percent to $5.6 billion (vs. CMR's 19.2 percent drop to $3.8 billion) and Spanish-language TV up 4.3 percent to nearly $1.4 billion (vs. CMR's 25.5 percent jump to $1.4 billion).

Network-TV sales for the nine months rose 7.9 percent to $14.2 billion, Nielsen said. CMR's tally was close -- up 7.6 percent to nearly $14.4 billion.