N.J. Pol Eyes Cut of Cable Poker


A New Jersey assemblywoman wants cable networks that air poker programming to ante up.

Democratic Assemblywoman Joan Voss said Tuesday that she wants networks that feature gambling to help gambling addicts by giving money to treatment agencies, calling for a surcharge on the state’s cable operators if the networks don’t agree, AP reported.

She said the surcharge would be imposed on operators that air poker tournaments, requiring them to collect from networks that air the programming without passing on the charge to customers, according to AP.

“Cable-television channels that are heavily promoting the Texas Hold 'Em rage should be held responsible for some of the unglamorous side effects, like juvenile gambling addictions,” Voss told AP, adding that the state’s casinos contribute $600,000 annually for anti-compulsive-gambling programs.

ESPN spokeswoman Keri Potts told AP the network, which airs World Series of Poker, needed to review the proposal before it could respond.

And Bravo spokesman Dan Silberman told AP Celebrity Poker Showdown isn't really gambling, since the proceeds go to charity.