No Cameras at Kobe Hearing


Courtroom Television Network said it disagreed with, but will not contest, a
Colorado judge’s decision Monday to bar cameras from the preliminary hearing of
National Basketball Association star Kobe Bryant, who is accused of sexually
assaulting a 19-year-old worker at a resort.

"According to our Constitution, trials are meant to be public, and we believe
that all citizens -- not just the print press, or those few who can fit into a
courtroom -- should be able to watch their judicial system in action," Court TV
CEO Henry Schleiff said in a prepared statement.

But he added that there will be no appeal of the ruling, as it is Court TV’s
policy not to fight decisions regarding camera access by the presiding judge in
any trial.

The hearing -- before Eagle County District Court Judge Frederick Gannett,
who issued the no-camera ruling -- is slated for Oct. 9.