No Cameras for Peterson Hearing


Courtroom Television Network chairman and CEO Henry Schleiff said Monday that
he was "disappointed" by a judge’s decision barring the network’s cameras from
the preliminary hearing of Scott Peterson, who is accused of killing his
pregnant wife, Laci.

California Superior Court Judge Al Girolami announced earlier Monday that
cameras would not be allowed into the courtroom in Modesto, Calif.

"According to our Constitution, trials are meant to be public, and we believe
that all citizens -- not just the print press or those few who can fit into a
courtroom -- should be able to watch their judicial system in action," Schleiff
said in a release.

"However, while we are disappointed by Judge Girolami’s ruling, our network’s
policy is not to appeal decisions regarding camera access by the presiding judge
in any trial," he added. "We respect Judge Girolami’s decision and will not
contest it."

The network will have a reporter in the courtroom and will provide live
updates on-air and on its Web site (

In addition, Court TV’s Catherine Crier Live will broadcast from
Modesto during the preliminary hearing, providing up-to-date discussion and