No Deals for FearNet Yet


While sister service Sony Movie Channel has secured its first distribution
partners, its sister HD service FearNet has yet to announce any official
carriage deals in advance of its Halloween day launch.

Representatives from the Sony Pictures/Comcast Cable and
Lionsgate-owned horror channel would not reveal whether it has
secured any distribution for the service, which will primarily offer
horror-themed movies Sony and Lionsgate film libraries.

Lionsgate has produced and distributed such horror movie
franchises as Hostel and Saw — the latter of which is executive
produced by Peter Block, FearNet president and general manger,
who said he’s confident about FearNet’s prospects. “We’re on target
as we load up distribution but we have our programming up and running
and we’re getting excited about some up and coming programming that
we have,” Block said. “We’re very excited — it takes a while to launch any
channel, so we’re suffering the same opportunities and travails as other
[network startups], but it’s a fun time to be FearNet.”

FearNet’s four-year old subscription video-on-demand service is
currently in 28 million homes via carriage deals with Comcast, Cox
Communications, Verizon Communication, AT&T, Insight Communications,
Bresnan Communications and Guadalupe Valley Systems.

The service also exists as an online destination, generating some
1.98 million page views a month.