Nortel Networks Eyes ‘Triple Play’


Nortel Networks said Tuesday that it will expand its broadband-networking portfolio.

The company said its aim is to "enable traditional wireline-service providers to deliver a new set of value-rich, revenue-generating services to consumers and small to midsized business customers over high-bandwidth, ultra-broadband infrastructure."

In addition to the "triple-play" services -- voice, HDTV and high-speed data -- Nortel said it will also target voice over Internet protocol, person-to-person videoconferencing and instant messaging.

As part of the effort, Nortel formed strategic alliances with Calix, ECI Telecom Ltd. and KEYMILE.

Calix will provide multiservice broadband-loop carriers supporting a multitude of voice, data and video services over fiber and copper access infrastructure.

ECI will provide its platform delivering multi-xDSL (digital subscriber line), fiber to the premises and aggregation platforms for central-office DSLAM (DSL-access multiplexer), optical-line termination and remote-terminal applications.

And KEYMILE will provide its multiservice-network-access "UMUX" platform for markets using European standards.